All the gifts of Montilla-Moriles. Celebration and sunshine, land and veil of flor. The traditions, the magic of time, the singularity of the wines. A symbol of Cordoba's vineyards, a unique flavour and a meaningful name.

Best Wines Montilla Moriles

Light from the high lands

Under the southern sun, the gentle hills of Montilla and Moriles resemble the waves of a sea of vineyards. The green vines, the blue sky, the white soil. And the roads, which are witnesses of history. Winding paths that lead to the old presses where the fruit is taken during the harvest.

Our Pedro Ximénez

Gentle, fine and very fresh, Pedro Ximénez grapes speak of the landscape in Montilla- Moriles, its warm climate and albariza soils. Rich in sugars, they are the essence of our pure generoso wines and of our region’s renowned and balanced sweet wines.

Pedro Ximénez Wines

Preparing the fiesta

Fruit and must aromas, wine bubbling in jars, long rows of casks in the bodega, old soleras and scales or criaderas neatly stacked in tiers. The veil of flor in the ageing casks. Air, time, life. Nature hosts this festival and experience steers it. Character and grace.

The radiant cellar

All this takes place in the heart of Montilla, in one of the most beautiful winemaking and ageing buildings. Clean lines, white walls, neat scales and yellow albero sand. The traditional Hermanos Gracia winery is a radiant example of wine architecture and southern charm.

A fine job

The winery is an icon of balance and sensitivity. It is also a practical space that simplifies winemaking decisions and quality production. An environment where specialised processes are interwoven with a key factor such as time.

The joy of wine

Young vintage wines, Finos and Amontillados, Olorosos, sweet Pedro Ximénez: a range of wines based on a unique combination of tradition and innovation. A collection of pure flavours and happy moments. The wines of Bodegas Gracia, temperament of Montilla-Moriles.


A groundbreaking vision, step by step


Francisco Gracia Naranjo founded the winery. Soon after it was called Bodegas Hermanos Gracia


The winery Baena Panadero and its prestigious fino solera are purchased.


Rafael Córdoba heads Bodegas Gracia.


The old Baena solera is relaunched with the brand Solera Fina María del Valle, which soon becomes an icon of excellence.


First vintage of the young white Viñaverde, a pioneering style in the DO Montilla-Moriles.


Bodegas Gracia is incorporated into the Pérez Barquero group of wineries, owned by the Córdoba, Gracia and Ruz families.


Gracia epitomises the luminous, open, deep and pure personality of the Montilla-Moriles region. A lifestyle that delivers delicious, fresh wines that are appreciated and remembered around the world.