Venerable and very alive

Montearruit is an Amontillado with 75 years of ageing, mostly spent in static ageing, which has concentrated all its components. Very intense and, at the same time, balanced.

Gracia recovers one of its historic brands with the Saca Única 2021 of its oldest Amontillado. The butt that slept in Gracia de Solera 1/1 is bottled to commemorate, on its centenary, the heroic deed of Monte Arruit. In 1921, Lieutenant José Gracia Benítez saved his life at Monte Arruit, after the heroic Spanish resistance in that African square. His son, in memory of him, created this marker. One hundred years later, a limited and numbered edition of 1080 bottles of 37.5 cl. from the 1/1 butt, which had been jealously guarded, was made, replacing the losses produced with old wines selected by the cellar foreman.

“MONTEARRUIT Amontillado Viejísimo is a jewel of Montilla’s oenology, pure concentration of aromas and flavour that evokes its long years of ageing”.